Website Copy

One of the biggest delays in website production is content delivery. The standard time allocated for a website build is typically 6 to 8 weeks, however, even with firm deadlines and milestones set in place, site builds almost always run over schedule, often due to a delay in content delivery on behalf of the client.

After years of working on site builds from all sides of the spectrum; as developers, as clients and as copywriters; we’ve noticed a series of patterns that always seem to arise, and always lead to problems.

1. Clients aren’t copywriters. Despite knowing a product or service inside out, clients often lack the ability to tell the story of their brand. Writing is more of an art than most people think, and being able to express why a product has value or a service is meaningful, requires time, patience and years of practice. Beyond this, despite being determined to rank on the first page on Google immediately after launch, clients aren’t clued up in the ever-changing landscape of SEO best practices, and will more than likely miss valuable opportunities in even the fundamentals, such as knowing how to begin working with keywords for web copy.

2. Web designers aren’t copywritersWith wireframes, stylesheets, servers and site speed to worry about, web designers have plenty of intricate processes to focus on within the overall website build. Web designers speak in code, in hex colour values and in APIs. They’re not wordsmiths or grammar fundis, and on some occasions, won’t even read the copy submitted by clients before adding it to a website build. They’re not SEO specialists either and will more than likely not write original metadata, despite how valuable this step in the web creation process is.

With this, there exists a grey space between the client and the web designer. This space can quickly become filled with miscommunication, misunderstanding, general tension and time delays.

Copy and Code aims to dissolve this grey space, transforming the process of building a website into the fun and exciting opportunity it should be.

Through clever and creative copywriting we extract the core details of a product or service and craft copy that communicates the essence of a brand for application in a website.

Our website copy is:

  • composed for short attention spans
  • crafted to accommodate all devices, particularly mobile
  • crafted to match the client’s brand tone and style
  • of minimum adequate length for search engine indexing
  • written with modern day website design trends in mind
  • keyword optimised
  • designed to achieve a client’s brand or business objective
  • written by professionals and
  • proofread meticulously

Beyond merely the words on the page, our website copy includes carefully crafted metadata to make sure that search engines will know exactly what each web page is about, and how to index each page of a website.

Once completed, our web copy deliverables can be passed on to a web designer, who then simply enters the copy into a build knowing it has been well written, thoroughly proofread,and  includes all of the relevant metadata enabling them to spend their time on more important aspects of the site build such as backups and site speed.

If you’re ready to get started, fill in the form below and we’ll contact you about creating copy for your website.